S2K Analytics: Does Your Company Measure Success with Ease?

Register for this 20 minute webinar to learn how sophisticated yet simple to use analysis is critical for a business to ensure profitability, minimize expenses and lock-in loyalty. Powered by IBM Cognos, S2K Analytics can create powerful dashboards and reports that will allow you to easily identify anomalies that could turn into significant business issues, identify and analyze opportunities and trends, communicate goals consistently with employees and monitor performance against targets. VAI's solution will give your company the visibility it needs to make more insightful and better business decisions. Trust your business's future with VAI's S2K Analytics.

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Event date: 08 - 29 - 2013 02:00 PM
Event End Date: 08 - 29 - 2013 02:20 PM
Category: Webinar
Cut off date 08 - 29 - 2013 12:00 AM